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Criminal Defense Approach
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Our legal team is smart, skilled, and relentless in our advocacy for you. We worry so you don’t have to.

Building a Legal Defense Strategy

In order to build a legal defense strategy, we need to become a team. In other words, it is important to establish communication to discuss the details of your case and plan for the approach.
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We are available to speak with you when you have questions or information regarding your case. As a law firm we are unique without billable hours to create excellent communication with our clients without the price barrier or hesitation for you to discuss your case with us.
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We Plan

First, we will guide you step by step through the legal process from day one through the end of the case. You will have transparency and to access the same information that we’re looking at for your case.
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We Protect

It is our mission to protect your rights through the legal process. We take people on their worst day and work to bring them back after a bad decision or series of events to rebuild their futures.
Start Your Legal Defense
Time is of the essence if you are facing a legal battle. Most imporantly, when you get an attorney early in the process, you have representation for upcoming proceedings.
Criminal Defense
Our team works tirelessly to investigate your case, understand the evidence, and ultimately protect your freedom.
Personal Injury
When injured, your first priority is recovery. Let us focus on making you whole – physically, financially, and emotionally.
Experienced legal counsel for all matters concerning your Colorado business permit or professional license.
Why do I need a defense lawyer?

You may know someone who has represented themselves in court. Consequently, maybe it went okay, maybe it didn’t. Ultimately, as a defense attorney, it is our job to work for you. The legal process is confusing. Whether or not you have been to court before, we are there daily. We have experience representing over 5,000 cases. In turn, we have gained the experience to provide you the best representation through our areas of legal expertise. For that reason, your side will be professionally represented in court. Most importantly, we will articulate your defense and make sure your case is prepared for each stage of your case. We make sure that your voice isn’t lost through the legal proceedings.